Z Nation

When it comes to creative design or strategy, it’s my job to identify those differentiators that separate a project from the rest of the herd. That’s the key to survival…and marketing success. 

Enter Z Nation, a Syfy series set in the zombie apocalypse which – you guessed it – was constantly competing for attention alongside other critically-acclaimed shows in this genre. 

The network needed a social media campaign that would raise the show’s profile past uninspired comparisons and that’s exactly what we gave them as we dove head-first into its dark humour, wackiness and eccentric imagery. 

We created the overarching campaign plan, then came up with new ideas for stirring up anticipation week-by-week. 

From initial planning all the way to final delivery, I played an integral role…combine a humor-loving Kendell with the weird and wacky elements of Z Nation’s apocalyptic world, and the result was a non-stop supply of crazy concepts to feed our campaigns. A 400% increase in fan growth and hundreds of thousands of video views.

Bringing the bizarre world of the series to life with these creative choices was a delight, and we boosted social media activity by hundreds of thousands of views and likes, much to our client’s satisfaction.



Fan Growth

Video Views

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