Kendell Burton

Creative strategist

I help brands and businesses discover clarity of self, expression, and actions by delivering charismatic strategic solutions that inspire conversation & produce results.

what i do

Brand Strategy & Identity

Every brand has a story. Let’s craft the best story possible for your target audience. Together.

I can help you craft your brand’s reputation internally and externally.

Design Services Built For Conversion

Execute a range of design services to help boost and maximize sales for your business.

Why ME?


Every professional knows that
great projects live and die by
the communication.

Meet Deadlines

Quality work that meets your deadline, every time. On time.


Design for Conversion

A strategic results-driven design approach to fit your business
needs and goals.

my process

Strategy-First approach

If you don’t have a strategy, the chances are high that you have
a product and not a brand.

This is a fixable problem by taking a strategic approach to how you engage with your customers.


What does this mean?

Your business should be focused on solving an existing problem. A problem for who you ask? Your audience/customers.

In marketing, you miss 100% of the people you don’t talk to properly.


Let’s work together!