When iconic sportswear brand Adidas asked us to design the visual content for their upcoming Spotify sweepstakes, I knew I was in for a motivating challenge. 

What did they need? A promotional campaign to entice their German audience.

For design projects like these, everything counts. We play with spacing, line breaks – whatever’s sensitive to the eye – and it all comes naturally when you’re working with your own language.

Creating with German-language content should’ve made things a little less smooth…

…but truly captivating visual content speaks everyone’s language.

And that’s what we were going to make…so we got straight to work to build an interactive experience. 

Together with my UX design partner we created the wireframes, and then I took over to incorporate the content, decorating the campaign with its visual allure and appeal.

Delivering a high-quality homepage takeover, with a banner and experience that catered to all genders, we energised users into action and left our client more than thrilled.

Ready to dive in?