Mike For Black America

“Together, we will get it done.”

And just like that the Mike Bloomberg 2020 campaign – a truly unique one for the history books – was born.

This was an unorthodox, one-of-a-kind bid to seal the Democratic nomination and take the Presidential election by storm. As for me, I was whisked right in to help create the branding for ‘Mike for Black America’.

At the forefront of this project was a message of transformation. Transformation of lessons learned from policy mistakes of the past into Bloomberg’s new, game-changing initiatives, and alongside it, an invigorated political pledge to create wealth, opportunity and advantage for the African American community.

I provided branding and marketing expertise to a dynamic, fast-moving political team. Together, we created a compelling campaign that was driven and enhanced by a rich combination of strategy, design, and copywriting.

From criminal justice reform to small-business creation, and from stimulating black homeownership to closing the racial wealth gap. Shining a spotlight on all the hard-hitting numbers and leaning heavily into storytelling meant we could capture hearts and drive the campaign’s message to Black America home.

The impact was undeniable, reaching far beyond what any of us could’ve imagined.


Ready to dive in?