To help usher in a new wave of excitement for USA Network’s Shooter, my task was to bring the strategy and art direction for Season 3’s social media campaign. 

The show, a tension-filled drama centred around the missions of a highly-decorated veteran, was adored by fans and one of the network’s biggest hits.

And it stayed that way – the campaign brought in millions of video views and a ton of fresh audience engagement.

But achieving it wasn’t without some concerns along the way…

We needed to captivate fans, but in today’s social climate, talking about ‘shooters’ wasn’t going to be easy…what concepts could we develop that wouldn’t add fuel to the sensationalized politics around guns, that we see so often within the entertainment space?

The answer was in the storytelling. Before getting started, I delved into the first two seasons and discovered those unique elements that made viewers gravitate towards the series, from the very beginning. 

From the exhilarating action to the gripping acting performances…pinpointing the show’s strengths meant I could excite the audience with my concepts, and leave them – and the client – ecstatic.

Ready to dive in?