Creating content that will expand your audience without diluting you or your project’s distinct identity isn’t always smooth sailing. And content marketing was the main frustration to ease when it came to promoting HBO’s Animals, an animated comedy series exploring the anthropomorphic world of animals and insects.

As for me, with my 8+ years’ experience in marketing & design and the chance to create for this wild-and-wacky show. Taking on the project was a no-brainer.

I soaked in the episodes, reviewed the rundown of project expectations, and got right to it.

The key here was to apply a multidisciplinary approach to design and marry it with the branding & marketing expertise my experience in the industry has given me. 

Then, I honed my artistic eye strategically to create the content to match Animals’ eccentric character. And with that, we could drive visibility to attract new viewers and fans.

We – and the client – were thrilled with the results.


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