The Expanse

Exploring the tension-filled world of Syfy’s science fiction The Expanse, you could find an absorbed and captivated Kendell Burton.

But not only did I relish in its tales of political conspiracy, mystery, and rebellion…

…I designed and implemented the content marketing campaign that stirred up excitement & built an affinity for this upcoming series. 

Producers in the entertainment industry crave larger and larger followings as they build anticipation for their network’s productions – my content was to help expand viewership past familiar readers of the book, attract newbie followers and draw everyone in to create a fresh army of loyal superfans. 

As always, we used the principles of a long-term strategy to begin and drive our process. 

Armed with the research data & client brief, we produced a strong marketing plan. I then applied my versatile skillset to this intel about audience preferences and combined it with my understanding of the role of social media to inform my designs. 

And with that, I created the content to show off the unique elements of the show and entice any and all sci-fi obsessed eyes.

Ready to dive in?