Kendell Burton

All great brands live and die by communication.

And as for me – after nearly a decade as a creative strategist, branding specialist & designer for Fortune 500 brands, numerous industries and award-winning marketing campaigns.

It was time to put on the client hat and get to work on my own.

My goal? The same as always…to stand out from the crowd. I needed a brand that would communicate my business’ distinct identity.

At its core, brand strategy is the combination of two types of communication: internal and external. When it came to my internal strategy, I was good to go. My values, mission, target audience, differentiator – what makes me, me – that was already decided and in place.

My external strategy is what needed extra attention, but after dedicated research and planning, making the right choices was easy.

The highlights:

  • The messaging style I crafted to demonstrate my character and match my personality: friendly, quirky & endlessly curious…
  • My own name at the front and center – not the most original idea, but hey, some old formulas just work…
  • My logo symbolising the very foundations of design – simple, clearly-defined shapes – as a key aspect of my visual expression…
  • All of this (and more), brought together uniquely for a versatile look and visual reputation built to last.

Branding myself was just as fun as I thought it’d be.

And with clients, peers, and even strangers congratulating me on my ‘refreshing’ and ‘polished’ look, plus an ever-growing portfolio of successful client projects…

I can happily say I did myself a great job.

Kendell Burton
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Kendell Burton
Kendell Burton

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