The Expanse

The Expanse was billed as “Game of Thrones” in space. Based off a highly successful book series with strong ties to George R.R. Martin, Syfy was faced with the challenge of adapting this masterpiece for TV. After creating a detailed and beautiful show, Syfy wanted to make a splash for its release.

In a Syfy-first, the series premiere was made available on Facebook and YouTube three weeks prior to its linear airing. This pre-linear release required close coordination with Syfy’s digital team and media team to ensure the heavily-scrutinized execution went off without a hitch. The episode was released on social media at 12:01 on November 23rd to great fanfare from the show’s passionate base and critics alike.

In order to ensure maximum exposure, we developed a paid and organic promotional strategy. The paid strategy included targeting and retargeting across multiple audience segments with our most click-worthy creative assets and copy that aligned with each target. The organic strategy looked to eventize the release before any of the fans knew it was coming, with cryptic “transmissions” teasing that something big was about to drop. We also leveraged the show’s talent, providing assets and copy to share the episode from their own feeds.