Sharknado 4

Sharknado. That’s right, it’s a tornado made of sharks, so getting to higher ground won’t save you, and like most of the cast, you’ll probably die. Or if you’re lucky, survive, but have your arm chomped off. #AprilLives.

In 2013, the made-for-television comedy disaster film debuted on Syfy Network and although it was widely considered a TV ratings bust, Sharknado devoured Twitter, catapulting the film into becoming the first-ever social media blockbuster.

For the third and fourth installments, we were sent a mission – and we chose to accept. The task? We had to take this beast of a franchise and elevate it even further creating an iconic pop culture social experience.

We dove into the mouth of the beast and chainsawed our way out.

On premiere night, the worldwide social audience chatter was nothing but ‘Nado. The creative and strategic brainpower developed and executed a strategy that engaged fans and influencers, created best-in-class creative and dominated the social conversation.

The results blew all expectations out of the water, literally. With over 4 billion social media impressions combined, Sharknado 3 and 4 did indeed take the world by storm. Our strong content and curated hilarious parodies sucked the audience into the whirlwind of this cult classic and upheld the franchise’s social media blockbuster status.


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