With its up-and-coming cast and a fresh take on an intergalactic adventure, Killjoys was Syfy’s promising sci-fi drama filled with bounty hunters, class warfare, and alien invasions.

The team I led on this project needed to boost Syfy’s marketing efforts with a campaign that would bring it to the peak of social media excitement and fanfare.


By producing visually captivating, world-building content to stir up intrigue and make viewers dive right into this thrilling new realm. 

We started with a client brief to clarify project expectations and used research data that spoke to audience tastes as our foundation. 

I then honed my unique skillset as a creative strategist and a clear understanding of the entertainment industry’s needs to provide the creative team with the visual direction that was originally lacking.

And then – powered also by my undying love for sci-fi – I designed, created, and delivered the winning content. 

The campaign was a hit, with new video views in the hundreds of thousands, over 25,000 new fans, and a client very pleased with the increased engagement of these impassioned viewers.


New Fans

Video Views

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