Gabriel Brown

Branding = planned strategy.

One of my biggest takeaways from years working as a creative strategist for Fortune 500 companies & million dollar accounts.

And what are the key ingredients for developing this professional identity that will bring you long-term success?

Creativity, collaboration + vision.

These are what defined the work I did for Gabriel Brown, who came to me with a desire to stand out visually from his competitors in the web development & cloud productivity niche. 

His online presence was in bad shape, so I created the professional look and feel that he needed to solidify his reputation as an easy-going, sociable and efficient specialist.

“I didn’t know what to expect…but he guided me…answered all my questions, and was open to suggestions and feedback…Kendell does high-quality work while being personable and easy to work with.” – Gabriel Brown

My collaborative style was central to our smooth working process. With the creative questioning and open communication I facilitated, we could stay true to Brown’s “Work smarter, not harder” philosophy, and flow easily to develop his winning strategy.

So that in the long haul…

Brown could be free to work smart while solving his clients’ problems…

…while the brand does the hard work of amplifying his presence for years to come.

Ready to dive in?